Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as pay-per-click (PPC), refers to the sponsored text-ads displayed when performing a search. The most common example of SEM is Google Ad-Words, where targeted ads are shown on the TOP and RIGHT hand side of the Google search screen.

How Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Benefits Your Business

The most significant benefit of SEM is that your business visibility is instant on selected keywords, that means your ads are displayed as soon as your account is setup and approved. As the advertiser, you pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad. The price that you’ll pay as an advertiser varies considerably between industry and selected keywords.

SEM helps to generates traffic, albeit at a premium. Let’s consider if your budget is $100 per day, and you know that your cost per click is approximately $5, then your site will receive 20 clicks per day. Therefore, return on investment (ROI) is fairly easy to calculate.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Ad Cost and Position

There are many differentiating factors to determine the amount Google will charge you per click, as well as the position that your ad will show on the Google search page. Find below some of the major variables:

  • Industry or keyword competition
  • The relevance of your ad in relation to the keyword
  • The relevance of your landing page in relation to the keyword.
How To Run an Optimal SEM Campaign

Managing an effective SEM campaign for a positive ROI involves the following:

  • Bid adjustments to minimize cost per conversion
  • Optimizing ad display times (time of day, day of week)
  • Optimizing geographical display (target country, city in the world)
  • Ad variations
  • Removal of non-performing keywords
  • Addition of new keywords
  • Creation and removal of ad groups
  • Modification of ads
  • Landing page consultation and recommendations.
Are You Focussed on ROI?

Creating an Adwords campaign is an easy process but creating an Adwords campaign to achieve a positive ROI requires expert professional. Aspire manages thousands of dollars in combined SEM budget across its client base. We use industry best practices to ensure that our clients generate a positive return from their SEM budget.